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An Introduction to the McClure Solicitors Free Wills Service


This service is available to all British Polio Fellowship members and supporters.


Do you have a Will? If not, here is your chance to sort one out.


You already have a Will? Are you sure it is up to date and accurate?


The British Polio Fellowship is a charitable organisation within the UK working to help provide help and support to those living with the aftereffects of polio and Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS). They work to provide vital information and campaign to raise awareness of PPS to allow those who are affected by PPS receive support to help them live independent & integrated lives. The British Polio Fellowship has partnered with McClure Solicitors to provide an all year round Free Will Writing Service. They will prepare your Will or review your existing Will free of charge, a service which usually costs £150 for a single client & £240 for couples. All they ask for in return is that you consider donating to help support the amazing work The British Polio Fellowship carries out. So, take this opportunity to get your Will written or reviewed for free – and help our charity at the same time.


Everyone benefits.

  • McClure Solicitors write you a Will that you need at no cost.

  • They raise funds for the British Polio Fellowship.

  • Over 50% of clients go on to use McClure Solicitors for other services.


Around 36% of people over the age of 55 in the UK do not have a valid Will in place. Wills are important legal documents and without them, everything that people accumulate throughout their life may go to the wrong people in the event of their death. The good news is that McClure do not just provide ordinary Wills, they produce estate planning Wills if necessary. An ordinary Will only sets out who is to get your estate when you die and who is to administer it. However, that’s only step one. In addition to taking your instructions, McClure will discuss with you what effect the inheritance will have on your children or other beneficiaries. This is step two. This often means that a Will is not enough. You might need a Trust as well. This could be a Trust in your Will or, better still, a separate Lifetime Trust.


Here are some real examples of Wills that did not go far enough.


1. A widower left everything to his daughter. He dies. She inherited. Then she dies. She was now liable for Inheritance Tax from the estate she inherited of £55,000. His Will cost £150 when he made it, but it cost her estate £55,000.


2. A widow left her modest estate to her two daughters. They were on state benefits. When the mother died, they lost their benefits. And step three, they consider where your estate is likely to go next, for example, you might leave your estate to a son who gets divorced, and part of your estate ends up going outside your blood relatives. This is avoidable. If you already have a Will, well done you, but is it correct and up to date? Research shows that one in four Wills are defective in some way. McClure carry out free safety checks and, if necessary, will update or correct your Will for free. Get McClure to review your existing Will and, if it is fine, then well done! If any updates are required, you can get your new Will prepared at no cost under their Free Will service. All they ask is you consider donating for the British Polio Fellowship. B


For an appointment telephone McClure Solicitors on Freephone 0800 852 1999, or email them at and quote British Polio Fellowship.