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Asics 10K - Kripen's Blog

In July 2020 I was due to run the Asics London 10K to raise money for the British Polio Fellowship. I was super excited about doing this run, really looking forward to running past some of the most iconic sites across London. As you know the event did not go-ahead last year due to the Pandemic. The event has been rescheduled for 25 July 2021 and once again I am really looking forward to do this event as part of Team BPF.

I started to fundraise for this event, and I am truly and humbly thankful to those he donated money to me already, I have raised an amazing £561.00 so far, but I want to do much better and I asked to please support me and donate whatever you can.

I know we all receive lots of these requests so I am truly appreciative to those who can support me.

I am proud to work for The British Polio Fellowship and we are all dedicated to help Polio survivors in the UK lead full, integrated and Independent lives. We are a small team, but we are playing way above hour weight, and this kind of support enables us to continue to do this.

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