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Be seen. Be counted. Be part of something bigger.

Members of the British Polio Fellowship are being asked to support a UK-wide petition run by The Neurological Alliance (NA), in partnership with the Wales Neurological Alliance, the Neurological Alliance of Scotland and the Northern Ireland Neurological Charities Alliance, calling on governments in all four nations to work together to back the 1 in 6 and set up a UK-wide neuro taskforce to deliver real change for people affected by neurological conditions. Over 18,300 people have signed so far.

To support the hand-in event in the Houses of Parliament on 5 June, the NA is asking

members of the Fellowship and their friends and family members, to send in photos of

themselves to be part of a powerful collective mosaic portrait.

This unique collage will be displayed at the Houses of Parliament and online and used to

support the hand-in of the petition and highlight the neuro community. It may also be

displayed at other venues in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Image(s) should be sent to the NA by midnight on Monday 15 May 2023.

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