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Lock Down Diaries - Newcastle

My Reaction to lock down was - Should I get a couple of books, join a quiz or two, knock hell out of Netflix - each day seems to pass as if there were no extra restrictions. Every person has their limitations and mine are caused by age (98) and a mobility problem through Polio. My day begins at 0715. Christine, God bless her, makes me a cup of coffee, I check my iPad and wait for the papers and immediately attack the TIMES2 crossword. Breakfast of porridge and another coffee never varies, then a shower, back to the Times and already much of the morning has passed. I must tell you how lucky I am having a wonderful caring wife who makes sure I get good wholesome food, no fry-ups in this house!

The first weeks were difficult because we did not get priority with supermarket deliveries but our kind neighbors took turns to add our requirements to theirs until our names appeared on the vulnerable list. Is it just age or just bloodymindedness that makes those supermarket sites so difficult to follow or is it just us? They substitute some of our order with things we would never order.

We didn’t want to become couch potatoes so we limited our daytime TV turning it on except perhaps, to the 0800 news, the 1700 Downing Street report and at some stage of the day, Countdown.

We have been blessed with wonderful weather so have been able to enjoy fresh air, warm sun and our spring blossoms in our garden.

Christine has her usual chores to do. In between times I am on my iPad keeping contact with family and friends. Unfortunately we have lost two distant relatives to the virus and my closest buddy to an age-related on-going illness which he bore very bravely.

Our highlight is Skype, spending time with our two lovely granddaughters aged six and three, but how we miss the cuddles and kisses. Evenings are spent in front of the TV and then bed, after the ten o'clock news. Our grown up children are in constant touch with us, for that we are really grateful. Looking forward to actual visits here which will start in a couple of weeks. We miss being able to mix with family and friends. Things are easing and soon, hopefully, this nightmare will be over. I hope you have all have managed to survive without too many traumas and may the good times roll again soon

Joe Fisher MBE

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Jan 28, 2021

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