With more than 30 years of The British Polio Fellowship Heating Grant Programme. A remarkable achievement that has enabled us to offer help and support, over three decades, to thousands of members who struggle with the increasing cost of heating during the cold winter months.

The aim of this scheme is to supplement the cost of additional warmth, needed during the winter months for people living with Polio, in households not eligible for the government Winter Fuel Payment.
If you are living in a household in which no one is eligible for the government payment, you are on a low income and have extra need for heat because of your Polio.

All applications from eligible members will be considered, so please tell us how the cold affects you and your need for heating in the appropriate section on the form.

Branch members’ applications may be forwarded on to the Branch to which they belong, send all Heating Grant application forms to Central Office in the first instance. If you are unhappy with any decision, you may appeal to Central Office.

All Heating Grants will be considered during November and December. Grants are usually paid at the end of 
January/beginning of February. Payments will be made directly into the bank/building society account nominated by the applicant.

The guide includes information about comparing prices, government schemes and where to get help and advice about saving energy and money. Free copies are available from your local Citizens Advice Bureau or may be accessed at the following link below 


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