By becoming a member of the Fellowship it will entitle you to receive all our services including our seasonal magazine the bulletin, branch meetings, grants and much more. To find a full list of services please see our membership policy.

If you would like to become a member of the Fellowship or are a member wishing to renew your membership subscription you can find the forms you need attached below.

The policy of BPF is that the payment of membership fees is voluntary. This applies to both company and associate members. When applying for membership, applicants are requested to pay £30 (or £45 for families), or any other amount of their choosing, including a zero contribution. Please note our membership cycle runs from 01 January – 31 December with renewal due by 30 June in order to continue being a member of the British Polio Fellowship regardless of contribution.

If you would like to submit your form by email please send it to and one of our team can arrange to take any chosen payment with you over the phone.


Alternatively, you can send a hard copy of your form and chosen payment to:

The British Polio Fellowship

CP House

Otterspool Way


WD25 8HR