The Richard Flint awards were invented through a very generous legacy left to the Fellowship by Richard Flint. It was his hope that the money would be used to encourage survivors of polio to embrace there artistic flare and allow it to flourish. Every year since we have run competitions in three categories (Art Photography and Poetry) for polio survivors. Each category has a 1st place prize of £250, 2nd place prize of £150 and a third place prize of £75. 


Please send entries via email to:

or by post to

The British Polio Fellowship 

CP House

Otterspool Way


WD25 8HR

Full details of the competition can be found here

The winners for 2021 are as follows...



1st Place, Betty Brown












2nd Place, Cherry Evans




3rd Place, Frances Burrows







1st Place, Robert Barlow




2nd Place, John Oakley



3rd Place, Paul Oulton


1st Place, Tewkesburys Noble Knight by Kenneth Powell

Oh noble Knight standing there in the cold

do you have a story that needs to be told

Standing there through day and night

waiting to ride headlong into the fight

with men like you that will never grow old

And Sir Knight their story will be told.


Look down Sir Knight upon your foe

with lance and shield make ready to fight

and with your sword put your enemy to flight

Oh noble Knight be strong and bold

And by us your story will be told.


Oh noble Knight standing there so tall

be strong as the oak that will not fall

and watch over the town and its folk

keeping us safe from the enemies yoke

And by us your story will be spoke.


Oh noble Knight standing there in

the cold be strong be brave and bold

because like us you will grow old

And by us your story will be told.


Oh noble Knight keep your head up

high and catch the passing travellers

eye watch over us by day and night

and protect us with all your might

Yes Sir Knight be strong and bold

And by us your story will always

be told

2nd Place, Elephants in Peril by Clare Potter

Tall and proud she stood alone

The smell of death was all around,

A rumble turned into a moan

Her precious calf not be found.


Around a bush her baby cried,

He had survived a poacher’s greed,

All his relatives had died

But now of his mother he had need.


They embraced and left that awful place

where death was not for them that day,

They ran and gathered speed apace

Making for somewhere far away.


Elephants will survive mankind’s fall

Because on Earth they’re meant to stay,

So if you want to exist at all

I suggest you live a different way.

3rd Place, The Best Days by Anne Gillanders

Our children’s children love to call

To climb a tree or scale a wall.

They like fresh baked drop scones for tea.

And love to sit or Grandad’s knee,

They chase and catch the butterflies

They study them with avid eyes

Or play for hours with matchbox toys — the ones their fathers had when boys.



And when sometimes they stay the night

Pyjama clad and tucked up tight,

We view them fast asleep in bed,

And dearly love each tousled head;

Each moment holds a memory

Of how our children used to be

Yes, they’re the brightest days of all

The days our children’s children call.

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