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For over 30 years The British Polio Fellowship has provided its Heating Grant Program . A remarkable achievement that has enabled us to offer help and support, over three decades, to thousands of members who struggle with the increasing cost of heating during the cold winter months.

The aim of this scheme is to supplement the cost of additional warmth, needed during the winter months for people living with polio, in households not eligible for the government Winter Fuel Payment.

The need for warmth is particularly accentuated for polio survivors and those suffering from PPS.  Not only is there a legacy of severely restricted movement  for many of our Members, which in itself causes the body to be colder, but muscles surrounding the blood vessels don’t work effectively enough to help the body deal with extremes of temperature thereby causing long term damage.

Many Members’ ability to be active is restricted at the best of times, with the result that cold normally has a disproportionately high impact on them. On top of this, they are additionally impacted by the combination of probable continued Covid-19 related isolation (which will of itself require more heating of homes as people spend more time in them), linked to the likelihood that as the economy shrinks, austerity will impact on those on benefits. Consequently, this winter is setting out to be the most difficult in years for those of our Members in greatest need.

We know that these are difficult times for many, but making a donation to the Heating Appeal is the best way to help our most vulnerable and deserving Members be able to afford crucial heating during the winter, and that is what every penny will be spent on.

We are aiming to reach a target of £10,000 which should enable us to provide those Members in need with meaningful support in tough times.

If you would like to support this appeal you can by either phoning our central office to make a telephone donation on 0800 043 1935 / 01923889501.

Alternatively you can download the following forms to make a one off donation or set up a annual or monthly direct debit to support this cause.

Please send completed forms to:

Winter Warmth Appeal

The British Polio Fellowship

CP House 

Otterspool Way

WD25 8HR

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