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At the Fellowship we offer a variety of ways you can help us raise funds whilst also doing your bit for the planet. The following recycling schemes help fund important work supporting and empowering polio survivors. No matter how big or small your contribution is, it is all vital in funding this work.

Give A Car












Donate your old car to charity. If you have an old car that you no longer need, why not put it to good use? We will collect it from you free of charge and either auction or scrap it, giving the procedures to the British Polio Fellowship.


With over 8,000 vehicles recycled through the GIVEACAR service, they have raised over £1 million for charities across the UK!


tel: 0207 736 4242


Stamp Recycling














Collecting postage stamps is a great way everybody can get involved in raising funds for the Fellowship. Simply save up your stamps throughout the year and then send them in to central office who will recycle them for funds. Please do not send stamps via our free post service as this may cost the Fellowship more than their value. Or better yet out them in next time you send us a letter.

Old/Broken Jewelry and Watches














We have partnered up with Recycle For Good Causes to raise important funds from you old or broken jewelry and watches. Next time you are having a spring clean put any jewelry, watches or old/foreign bank notes into an envelop and send to the following free post address. 


British Polio Fellowship

Unit 14

Amber Business Village

Amber Close



B77 4RP



Image by Mason B.
Image by Jacek Dylag
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