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BPF members appear on Channel 4's Unique Boutique

Unique Boutique is a new four-part Channel 4 show in which fashion experts design and create bespoke outfits for those traditionally excluded from the mainstream fashion industry.

It was a year ago the Fellowship was approached for applications to take part in the Unique Boutique series. It shared the details with its members and two of its polio community took on the challenge and were successful. Geraldine Williams, from South London appeared in episode 2 of the series, which aired on Monday 31 July at 11:00pm. She contracted polio as a child and saw both her sister and cousin asked to be bridesmaids, but she wasn’t allowed to be one because of her limp.

After getting engaged, Geraldine dreamed of feeling beautiful and comfortable on her wedding day. She asked the show to design her a vintage dress with supportive, pretty shoes. They did exactly that, and she looked amazing. Ambassador and great supporter of the Fellowship, the late Colin Powell featured in the final episode of the series on Monday 14 August at 11:05pm. By his side was Dawn Grafetsberger, the Fellowship’s Finance and Office Manager.

Colin asked for the team to design a suit that would fit him and be comfortable. Not only did Colin get the suit of his dreams, the team also produced a matching shirt. It was during the filming of the programme that Colin proposed to Dawn and she accepted.

Sadly Colin passed away in January this year. He never did get to see the episode he had filmed or to wear his suit, which he planned to enjoy on his wedding day.

You can watch all episodes of the Unique Boutique now on Channel 4 website:

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