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Polio survivor appears in TV show on Channel 5

Polio survivor and British Polio Fellowship member, Mandy Spencer appeared in an episode of The Motorway Hotel on Channel 5.

The TV show follows a family-run motorway hotel which is located just yards from the M6 motorway and tells the stories of people who stay there.

In Series One there were four episodes broadcast at 7:00pm each night from Tuesday 11 June to Friday 14 June.

Mandy Spencer, Chair of the British Polio Fellowship Cheshire, Wirral and North Wales Branch, and her husband Dave featured in episode three of the series, but also in the opening credits of every episode.

Mandy and Dave’s lovely short story was about them travelling to the hotel, having an evening meal in the restaurant and staying overnight to celebrate Mandy’s birthday. But 'lorry spotter' Dave, who organised the celebration, had other ideas on their journey to the hotel, which don't involve Mandy.

The series can still be viewed online, but only until 11 July. It is available at:

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