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Our Expert Panel have now released their guidance on how to manage Polio and PPS in relation to the current Covid-19 Pandemic. We now have a webpage dedicated to it which you can access through the menu bar or the button below. 



Due to the current situation of Covid-19 in the UK all phone calls to the office will be redirected to a mobile number so our staff can assist you from home. We will endeavor to answer whenever possible but please be aware that there may be times where we are unable to monitor it or are dealing with other calls. If you are unable to get through to us and have access to a computer please email us at and one of our staff members will respond as soon as possible.

We realise that many members may be feeling anxious or worried, and we hope to be there for all members as best we can and I know our members are continuing to support each other in the true spirit of Fellowship.

Can I re-emphasis the advice from the government to maintain a minimum of 2m contact with others and social distance where possible. As well as to self-isolate for those who have been advised to do so and for as long as advised.

Our members know better than most of the devastating effects viruses such as Polio and Covid-19 can cause, but I truly believe that with this life resilience we can come together and get through this.

I will endeavor to keep membership as up to date as possible in this difficult time.


Wishing you all the best


Yours in Fellowship

Kripen Dhrona
Director of Operations

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The British Polio Fellowship is a charitable organisation supporting and empowering people in the UK living with the late effects of polio and post-polio syndrome (PPS). We provide information, welfare and support to those affected, to enable them to live full, independent and integrated lives and campaigns to raise awareness of PPS.

We have members across the UK with over 50 branches and groups across the nation. We publish a quarterly newsletter, the bulletin; and campaigns to raise awareness of PPS among healthcare professionals, members of parliament and the general public and supports the efforts of fellow Polio organisations in our attempts to eradicate the disease worldwide.


Post Polio Syndrome (PPS) is a neurological condition that can occur in people who have had Polio. People may develop new symptoms of increasing weakness, stamina problems, fatigue and pain.


The IPV vaccine uses inactive (not live) Polio virus and does not cause Polio. Polio vaccine, given multiple times as per advice, almost always protects for life.


Our information for Healthcare Profressionals includes essential information for those dealing with PPS for the first time or wanting to find out more. Find out more here.

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Our Trustees ensure the charity complies with legislation & has good governance.


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We could not provide our vital services without the people who support us. You will make a real difference to people living with Polio and Post Polio Syndrome (PPS) by getting involved. No matter how big or small, your contribution will help people living with this neurological condition.

We run a number of fundraising activities throughout the year and we would love you to join in.


CP House, Otterspool Way, Watford, WD25 8HR

Contact us: 0800 043 1935


Contact us: 0800 043 1935

CP House, Otterspool Way, Watford, WD25 8HR

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