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Polio survivors enjoy annual National Indoor Games

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

A leading charity supporting and empowering polio survivors and those affected by the neurological condition, Post-Polio Syndrome, held its annual Indoor Games competition last weekend, 17 – 19 March.

Polio survivors of different ages arrived at the Marriott Hotel, Leicester to take part in a variety of adapted sports and games including Scrabble, Darts Standing, Darts Sitting, Draughts, Fives and Threes, Dominoes, Cribbage, Bowls, Boccia and Kurling.

Around 150 competitors came together from all over the UK, despite personal challenges with mobility and physical disabilities. Many of them knew each other from earlier Games, and it was an opportunity for them to network and renew friendships, despite sporting rivalries.

Frances Quinn (Trustee) attended the weekend, Gordon Richardson (National Chair) was an Official for Darts, Linda Davis (Trustee) was an Official for Domino and Sue Brown (Trustee) shadowed this years' Games Coordinator, Jan Taylor from Yorkshire.

Kripen Dhrona, Chief Executive Officer said “Our work in supporting polio survivors is more critical than ever and my priority, as we look to the next phase of the Fellowship’s growth, is to ensure more members have access to the benefits that events like this, can offer.”

The Games ended with a 3-course Gala Dinner and presentation of the winning medals and trophies for all nine disciplines.


1. Placida Ojinnaka (Home Counties North)

2. Linda Evers (Yorkshire)

3. Mary Guild (Scotland)

4. Amanda Leeks (South of England)


1. David Howells - winner for the 11th year (Yorkshire)

2. Ola Sarumi (Home Counties North)

3. Dennis Tilley (Western)

4. Joan Danes (East Midlands)


1. Tom Maddox (North West)

2. Diriesh Goracia (North West)

3. Mick Harper (East Midlands)

4. Margaret Draper (Scotland)


1. Dave Gailey and Mary Thompson (Scotland)

2. Pam Martin and Val Poole (East Midlands)

3. Debbie and Mike Shapiro (Home Counties North)

4. Elizabeth and Kenneth Whitham (Yorkshire)

5s & 3s

1. Ian Grant (East Midlands) and Michael Perry (Yorkshire)

2. Ken Jenkins and Adele Evitt (North of England)

3. Catherine and Keith Mitton (Yorkshire)

4. Karen Pike and Dee Cartwright (North West)


1. Andy Gilliland (North West)

2. Howard Parker (North West)

3. Frances Malone (Home Counties North)

4. Paul Marchant (Yorkshire)


1. Jane McKean (Home Counties North)

2. Tim Pratt (East Midlands)

3. Pauline Henfrey (Yorkshire)

4. Joan Robson (Yorkshire)


1. Mike Griffiths (North West)

2. Mahfuzur Rahman (Home Counties North)

3. Glynn Lloyd (Western)

4. Norma Tilley (Western)


1. Trevor Rennie (East Midlands)

2. Lisa Welsh (Western)

3. Hoda Aljalaby (Home Counties North)

4. Hilary Davies (North West)


1. Frank Evers (Yorkshire)

2. Paul Stanton (Western)

3. Linda Morton (North West)

4. Francis Kelly (Scotland)


1. David Clark (North West)

2. David Williams (East Midlands)

3. Pat Leyden (Scotland)

4. Gary Page (Western)

For the seventh year running the award for the highest scoring region went to the North West Region.


1. North West

2. Yorkshire

3. East Midlands and Home Counties North

4. Western

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Looks fantastic. So sorry that I wasn’t able to be there.

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