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Warm Home Prescription

A Warm Home Prescription pilot is being rolled out to 150 households in Gloucestershire, and about 1,000 in Aberdeen and Teesside.

This is all part of a health trial to enable doctors to prescribe heating to patients on low incomes, whose condition generally gets worse during the cold winter months.

By paying to heat the homes of eligible patients, the NHS hopes to avoid the cost of hospital care if they were to become more ill.

A small trial was carried out in Gloucestershire between December 2021 and March 2022 and produced some good results resulting in the trail being expanded this year.

The organisation behind the pilot is Energy Systems Catapult. Together with GP surgeries and a local energy charity (Severn Wye), NHS social prescribers who make home visits to patients with long-term conditions, were able to identify patients to benefit from the scheme.

This scheme would certainly help polio survivors, who have to keep the heating on because they suffer daily from cold intolerance, severe muscle/joint pain and respiratory problems.

Photo: Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

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