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Carl plans to face his fears with a Skydive

Like many disabled people of a certain age, and especially polio survivors with Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS), one of their biggest enemies is gravity and therefore, the fear of falling.

Polio survivor, Carl Weininger from Northamptonshire has decided to face his fear and plans to challenge himself to do a Skydive.

"According to my surgeon, after having a high-speed accident aged 19 and dying a few of times on the operating table, what can happen? So, what did I have to lose? I have been living on borrowed time ever since the 19 December 1969" explained Carl.

"I never expected to live as long as I have so far, and still continue to drive fast cars and fly aerobatic aircraft, so now must surely be the time for a Skydive."

Some members of the British Polio Fellowship's Northamptonshire Branch had been encouraging Carl to do the Skydive and two others have agreed to do the Skydive as well. All three are currently seeking sponsorship.

In preparation, Carl went to perform an indoor Skydive at iFly in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. This experience replicates the sensation of weightlessness and spinning around in a 125-mph upward airstream.

Carl is planning to do a Tandem Skydive in June/July next year, at North London Skydiving Centre near Chatteris, Cambridgeshire and hopes to raise funds for the Fellowship. He is keen for other British Polio Fellowship friends and colleagues (staff, Patrons, Trustees and members) to join him. The cost of a ‘Tandem Skydive’ is around £180 (a discounted price for charity sponsorship Skydives).

If anyone is interested in taking part in this sponsored ‘Tandem Skydive’, or coming along to the ‘Garden Party’ which will be held close to the ‘drop zone’, contact the British Polio Fellowship at

Full details of the event and how to donate via an online ‘Just Giving Page’, will be available in the New Year.

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