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Heating grants for polio survivors

The British Polio Fellowship has opened its Heating Grant for applications from polio survivors struggling to pay their winter heating bills.

The cost of energy has continued to rise throughout the year. Many members of the Fellowship are finding it increasingly difficult to keep the heating on, yet cover the high cost of gas and/or electricity. This is especially true for those on fixed incomes.

Polio survivors often struggle to keep their body temperature at a normal level and report their feet or hands are cold to the touch. Their skin may even turn a bluish colour. This is a common result of polio and symptom of Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS).

The Fellowship's Heating Grant will supplement the cost of additional warmth needed by polio survivors, living in households not eligible for the government's Winter Fuel Payment.

To check if you are eligible and/or apply for a heating grant contact the Fellowship's Support Services team by email at or phone on 0800 043 1935.

The deadline for applications is Monday 4 December 2023

For more information about heat and cold intolerance (thermal regulation) read our factsheet:

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