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Lock Down Diaries - Merseyside

When we welcomed 2020 in on 1st January I thought what a lovely ring 2020 had. The beginning of a new decade and for my husband George and I, a new chapter in our lives having moved to our new bungalow at the end of 2019. Little did we know what the year would hold.

At a committee meeting in January we planned our social outings for the year, our AGM and looked forward to the National Games.

The Branch as usual sent a full contingent of competitors and once again we won the Regional Shield. We said our goodbyes on the Sunday not knowing when we would get together again.

LOCKDOWN came the following week. We were looking forward to spring after a very wet winter with floods and the country was hit with a strange virus.

We were told we had to self isolate, don't mix with anyone other than the people in your own house. Everything closed, schools, pubs, restaurants etc.

The world has gone mad!

We couldn’t do our own shopping, keep two metres apart. Just as we were settling into our new village we couldn't go out! Having had Polio made me nervous and anxious. The number of deaths was rising every day and the NHS were becoming overwhelmed. We were hearing words like Furlough, Stay Safe, Stay home, protect the NHS. It was a very different world but we saw so much good and kindness in people. We missed our families and hugs off our children. We have celebrated birthdays in isolation.

As a Branch we set up a WhatsApp group and this became a huge support to everyone on it. It gave us many laughs, lots of banter, we enjoyed seeing what was happening in our gardens and brought us hope and inspiration for a brighter future. We had a virtual Grand National wager arranged by our Social Secretary and a VE celebration lunch albeit, self isolated.

At time of going to press we are now going into our 14th week and looking forward to going shopping at a safe distance, going out for a meal and a bit of normality.

I look forward to meeting up with friends, having visitors and most of all seeing my family and grandchildren.

I look back and think how lucky I am, I have been well, and looked after. I worry about Polio members who live alone and have not been able to get out.

Our Welfare Officer has kept in touch with many of our Branch members via a friendly phone call.

Hopefully the world can learn from this terrible virus to appreciate the little things in life, family, friendship,and the beauty that is all around us..

Hilary Davies


Merseyside Branch

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