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Lock Down Diaries - Scotland

At the beginning of Lockdown it was not bad as Archie and I caught up with lots of jobs inside the house that had been left aside to do other things. Archie continued his voluntary work from home for Citizens Advice Bureau two half days a week. This kept him busy.

We only ventured out to the local shop for milk and bread. We did a main shop once a fortnight. Fortunately, the weather was lovely in May which enabled us to sit in the garden and pretend we were on holiday. As time went on we both began to lose our motivation to do anything. We had to focus on one big job a day.

I kept in touch with our Regional Committee to make sure they were ok. Archie had an online meeting with the Trustees and also the Sports Committee.

We did find that we could not get hold of a nurse for bloods to be taken and Archie was told that he would have to wait and they would be in touch. Our Group Leader, Jeff Draper, made a Polio Group on WhatsApp. We therefore are able to speak to each other through this media.

I believe because of all the time we spent in hospital as children has helped to get through this lockdown. Polios endure everything life throws at them and we adapt.

Pat Leyden

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