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Lock Down Diaries - Wales

Here in North Wales lockdown began early because we were flooded in for three weeks. Listening to the media and reading papers I was surprised not to be contacted by Social Services or local council. I’m surprised that Polio isn’t considered a vulnerable disease even though a lot of us need night time ventilation. This year was going to be a special one for me, my 75th birthday combines with VE celebrations, plus it’s my 75th Polio birthday in November.

Lockdown hasn’t been too bad, my children have made sure I have food etc. A neighbour walks my dog and checks I’m ok. One of my helpers is still coming in so I’ll be clean and sweet smelling.

I’m lucky I can fill my time with craft work, I like to keep on top of the news and look forward and plan events. Mentally I’m finding different, it’s stirred up memories that I never knew existed, reading of visitors being banned from hospitals and homes has disturbed me, I don’t think I have ever recovered from being separated from my family in hospital and in Boarding School. It also makes me worry about the future, my muscles are getting very weak, will there be a time when I can’t cope, would I have the courage to go to Switzerland. At present I’m fortunate, I have a comfy home, garden can do what I like when I like.

It’s about time the BPF made its voice heard, there seems to be many similarities between Covid 19 and the Polio virus.

Joan Deverell


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