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New Fellowship Trustee announced

The British Polio Fellowship announced new Board Trustee, Mick Harper (above) on Saturday 16 September, during its Annual General Meeting.

During August, Trustee elections have been taking place at the British Polio Fellowship (BPF). Members have voted for those trustees they want on the BPF Board in order to take the Fellowship's strategy forward.

There were four Trustee places available and six candidates who put their names forward. The final count of election nominations took place on Friday 25 August and the results were announced on Saturday 16 September, at the Fellowship's Annual General Meeting (AGM) in York.

Three Trustees were re-elected and will remain on the BPF Board. They were, Frances Quinn, Linda Davis and Sue Brown. Mick Harper is a newly elected Trustee, and he will replace Board member Manoj Soma.

The Board wanted to thank Manoj for his contribution over the last three years and welcomed Mick as a new Trustee.

Mick contracted polio when he was aged six in Wigan, Lancashire. The polio affected his right leg, but that didn’t stop him from joining the Merchant Navy. He is currently, Chair of the Fellowship’s Lincolnshire Branch and the East Midlands Region.

For full details of the current Board go to the Trustee webpage under About Us.

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