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Polio survivors in the West Midlands enjoy afternoon tea

A national charity for polio survivors, The British Polio Fellowship, organised an afternoon tea for people who are living with the late effects of polio in the West Midlands area.

Polio survivors from across the West Midlands came together at the Yew Tree and Tamebridge Community Centre in Walsall on Wednesday 8 May, to chat over tea and cake and share ideas about other social activities and events the wider group could enjoy.

“The group came up with some great ideas and we’re grateful to some new volunteers who stepped forward and agreed to organise them” explained Kripen Dhrona, Chief Executive of the British Polio Fellowship.

“Eddie Bird, his late wife Kathleen and Pauline Roden have done a fantastic job of running the Branch for the British Polio Fellowship for many years. They have now decided to step back and let someone else take the reins.

“I’d like to personally thank them for everything they have done and for all their years’ of service. Many polio survivors across the Midlands have benefited from their hard work.”

The new branch volunteers, Mehboob Hussain, Steve Melia and Dickson Tarnango were voted in by the group and will take on their new roles immediately. They already have plans for another event to get everyone back together again soon.

“There is money in the pot for outings, transport, or meals, no one should be excluded. The British Polio Fellowship is fully inclusive and here to provide guidance and support. We want polio survivors in the Midlands and across the UK, to enjoy a good quality of life” Dhrona added.   

If you are a polio survivor and live in the West Midlands area, you can come along. Call the British Polio Fellowship on 0800 043 1935 for details.

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