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Richard Flint awards celebrate artistic flair of polio survivors

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

The winners of the Richard Flint awards were announced by The British Polio Fellowship on Saturday 16 September.

The British Polio Fellowship revealed the winners of the Richard Flint awards during its Annual General Meeting on 16 September, at the Mercure York Fairfield Manor Hotel in York.

"The Richard Flint awards are a highlight of the British Polio Fellowship calendar and came about because of a very generous donation” explained Kripen Dhrona, Chief Executive of The British Polio Fellowship.

"Richard Flint's hope was that the awards would encourage members who have had polio to nurture and develop their artistic talents".

Every year the British Polio Fellowship holds the competition with three categories: Art, Photography and Poetry. Each category offers a prize to the top three entries. First place awards a prize of £250, 2nd place is £150 and third place £75.

The prize winners for 2023 are:


  1. Robert Taylor: The Bride

  2. Brian Short: Village Harbour

  3. Limi Jones: Abstract Collection


  1. Robert Barlow: Athletics Splash

  2. Violet Roe: Cricket - The Estate Agent

  3. Paul Oulton: Liverpool Revealed


  1. Josephine Dargan: Summer

  2. John Oakes: Modern Life

  3. Vivienne Vale: The Yellow Rose

The winning entries for the Richard Flint competition have been published in the (latest) Autumn edition of the Bulletin, the Fellowship's quarterly magazine for members and can be found on the Richard Flint Competition webpage under Membership.

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