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Sign up to the Priority Services Register

For polio survivors and those dealing with the symptoms of Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS) such as cold intolerance and muscle pain, it is imperative to keep warm. That is why signing up to the Priority Services Register is so important.

The Register is a free support service to help vulnerable people stay safe, warm and independent in their own home. It is offered by all gas, water and electricity suppliers and network operators (the companies that manage the electricity cables) and each has its own register. That means households with different utility companies for water, electricity and gas, will need to sign up with each.

For those registered, they can receive important services, such as priority support in an emergency, access to notice of planned power cuts or water supply issues and assistance with metre readings.

It is necessary to check the eligibility criteria before you sign up to any Priority Services Register, but in general you will need to:

  • be disabled or living with a long-term medical condition

  • be recovering from an injury

  • have other specific needs such as hearing or sight impairment

  • have a mental health condition

  • be of a pensionable age

  • be pregnant or have children under 5

  • be unable to speak or read English well

You might be able to sign up for other reasons, for example if you are recently bereaved or you have returned to living independently after some time in residential care.

How to register

If you live in England or Wales for a good place to start, contact:

If you live in Scotland contact:

If you live in Northern Ireland contact:

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