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BPF sign open letter in support of people awaiting care

The British Polio Fellowship (BPF) has signed a second open letter to the Chancellor, this time asking for help to fix the problems faced in social care.

There are millions of older people in England today who are not receiving any care or anywhere near the reliable, quality care they deserve.

Ahead of the Spring budget on 15 March Chief Executive of the British Polio Fellowship, Kripen Dhrona has signed an open letter in support of older people who are waiting for social care services to enable them to live with dignity. At the moment millions of people are being ignored or forgotten.

The letter, which is part of a wider 'Fix Social Care For Good' campaign led by Age UK, reads:

Dear Chancellor,

Millions of older people in England are waiting for care. That means millions struggling to go to the toilet, eat, get dressed or wash because they can’t do these things unaided. And there are millions more providing unpaid care, many of them older and in poor health themselves, doing their best to keep their loved ones safe and well at home, but without the back up of an adequate system of formal social care services.

With 2.6 million people in England over 50 unable to get care, including half a million of whom are stuck on waiting lists for support or just to have their needs assessed, we are writing to urge you to use the Spring Budget to ensure all older people can get the care and support they need.

When you were Chair of the Health and Social Care Committee, you expressed deep regret at being unable to fix the problems faced by social care during your time as Secretary of State. Now, as Chancellor, the Spring Budget is your opportunity to help the millions of older people, often unheard and feeling ignored, who are waiting for good, reliable care and support to live with dignity.

Many older people have already been waiting a long time for care, and time is not on their side. Please use your position to help them.

If you would like to sign the letter yourself, go to the We Can't Wait For Care page on the Age UK website

CREDIT: Photo by CDC on Unsplash

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